Hartford Hustle

A few years ago I decided to move to Hartford. It was about my professional future, and my commute.

What took me by surprise was how great the lifestyle here really is. I love it in Hartford. I’ve probably never been happier to be any place in my life. I’m all in, and I’m far from alone. That’s what this podcast is all about.

You’ve probably noticed there is a persistently negative narrative - in and around this town - about how Hartford’s best days are behind it. Nothing could be further from the truth. The people on the inside know the truth. And the truth is, this town is about to pop.

On the ground in Hartford it's a culture of ingenuity, innovation, and entrepreneurship and, as someone memorably said, if you’ve got something you want to create, you’ve got grit, you’re willing to grind a bit, people here will help you. The people making Hartford happen want you to succeed.

 And everybody pretty much knows everybody. On the street, in a coffee shop, at an event, you’ll run into the people you see on television, hear on the radio, read about in the news. They’re your neighbors. Their your friends.

Listen to Hartford Hustle to connect with the Conversation With and About the People Making Hartford Happen, every week. You’ll also hear something new being created, watch it evolve along with the conversation, each one a new iteration.

Hartford Hustle: Conversation With and About The People Making Hartford Happen.